The Ten Year Celebration
Of The

Manchester United
Treble Champion Victories


Ten years ago o n May 26, 1999, Manchester United won the European Champions Cup Final in the most dramatic finish the competition had ever seen. In doing so Manchester United achieved what until then had been called 'the impossible dream' - to win the English League, the F.A.Cup and the European Cup in the same season; “The Treble”. It’s like winning the Triple Crown in horse racing.

Victory against the odds accompanied the climax to the season, and proved so compelling that even those who were not fans were delighted by the teams final triumph. The fans were hectic, the Press enthusiastic, and to culminate the event, the Queen knighted the Manager. It was an incredible season.

For the commemoration of the world-wide acclaim for the treble championship victories of Manchester United in 1999, C.M.Edwards, the chairman of The Manchester United Football Club has authorised the production of an individually numbered Limited Edition timepiece collection. This timepiece collection, produced in a limited quantity of 10,000 sets for world –wide distribution, has been specially commissioned to commemorate the outstanding success of this all conquering football team.

Each collection will contain three watches commemorating each of the three championships won in 1999; The F.A. Cup Winners, The UEFA Champions League Winners, and the F.A. Premiership Champions.

Each dial depicts the event in three colors of white, black and red.
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The adjustable stainless steel heavy link bracelet is inset with a crystal image of the Manchester United logo and the safety buckle is also laxer engraved with the logo.
The back of the watch case is laser engraved with the commemorative text and also inset with a crystal image of the Manchester United logo.

The Certificate of Authenticity in each gift case certifies that each of the three watches contained in the case has been produced as part of the limited edition collection of 10,000.

Each watch is numbered as 5893 of 10,000 sets and is shown laser etched on the side of the case.

The watches come in feaux black leather wooden presentation box with a “red devil” interior. Features include: -Stylish stainless steel brushed chrome case –Polished and brushed silver finish link bracelet -High Accuracy quartz movement -Mineral Glass Lens -Water resistant to 30 meters (3ATM).

Each watch has a different colored raised index dial
with-raised mirror trophy logo for each event.

The "Treble" set sells for $750 "SOLD OUT"
The "Special Edition F.A. Cup Winner" individual watch sells for $250
is only available.

UEFA Champions
League Winners

FA Premiership Champions

F.A. Cup Winners
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